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Better Together

Better Together

"Who knew mothering would be so hard?"

Are you trying to do this mothering thing alone? Feeling isolated at times? So focused on the kids that you’re wearing yourself out? Been hurt by past friendships? Jill Savage, mother of 5, knows those challenges well, and she’s here to help. Presenting a compelling vision of motherhood as a group effort, Better Together reveals how you can:

  • Increase your confidence in social settings when you stop the comparison game.
  • Combat isolation when you find or build a mothering community for mutual support.
  • Deepen your friendships when you learn from, pray for, help, encourage, and share with one another.
  • Strengthen trust when you drop your friendship baggage and forge new relationships with a new mindset.
  • Increase your joy as you discover you are truly a better mom when you don’t mom alone.

Let’s not make mothering harder than it has to be. Dive into this storehouse of creative ideas for how to make mothering easier, richer, and more fun than you ever thought possible.

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